Rubber boat rental

No License
Occupancy: 6 people
Half or full day rental
With or without skipper

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Boat rental

No License
Occupancy: 5 people
Half or full day rental
With or without skipper

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With skipper
Occupancy: 9 people
Half or full day rental
Personalized activities and services

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Rubber boats and boats rental in Augusta

The sea for those who love the sea

We are a company that specializes in rubber boats and boats renting in Augusta, in the province of Syracuse. We rent new and equipped with all the comforts boats for short and medium periods of time, with or without a skipper. Thanks to the great passion that connects us to the sea, we’re ready to make you live suggestive and personalized experiences, with the possibility of adding activities and services.

Our Services

Thanks to our 40hp engine boats you will be able to sail unassisted, without having a boat license

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Explore the most stunning sites of our coast, excursions will allow you to get to never-before-seen places.

Boat excursions

We organize boat fishing sessions, which are ideal for groups of enthusiastic friends, and to be with friends.

Boat Fishing

We are known for unforgettable experiences, in our boats fun is guaranteed.

Boat events

Your Experience

With EasyBoats your vacation becomes a voyage of discovery of the most beautiful inlets and bays of the Gulf of Catania, from the Xifonio Gulf, proceeding to the Santa Croce Lighthouse to the Bay of Brucoli

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