About us




Dream Team

We grew up among the beautiful coasts of eastern Sicily, we’re friend who work as a team and more than anything we love the sea of which we now have an in-depth knowledge. This made us captains, seamen, and skippers.

We are based at the Tourist Port Xifonio of Augusta, departure point for rental activities, excursions, and services.

Promotion of the territory

What inspired our project is the opportunity to share the beauties, often unexplored and not accessible by land, of the city of Augusta with those who want to experience our island and its wonderful sea in an authentic way.

In addition to the suggestions of the coastal landscape on which the Etna volcano overlooks like a solemn guardian, Augusta’s territory, which from the Xifonio Gulf continues to the Gulf of Catania, is full of bays and coves that feature in ancient tales and fascinating anecdotes. From the caves of “Le Monache” to the bay of “Femmina Morta”, from the “Balata liscia” to the “Sbarcatore dei Turchi”, every stretch of the Megarian coast has a story to tell.

Plastic Free

Let’s free the sea from plastic

Sea lovers as we are, we can’t turn a blind eye in face of the necessity to preserve it in any way. Plastic accounts for 95% of ocean waste. Its level of resistance in the marine environment can last up to hundreds of years, and it puts over 134 species in the Mediterranean in danger daily.
We decided to make our own contribution by “fishing out of the sea” all the trash we stumble upon during our services and overall, each time we sail.
To involve our clients, and give them the opportunity to intervene on the front line in preserving the marine environment, we decided to give a special discount on our services to those who collect plastic found in the sea or on the shore and give it to our staff at the end of the rental/excursion.

We decide to be on the planet’s side

Join us!