“Fishing” Plastic from sea

is an awareness-raising initiative that we want to share with anyone who cares about protecting the #sea and its #ecosystem put at risk every day by tons of  #plastic waste.

What does it consist of? I’s a campaign that through social virality wants to send a strong and clear message: get plastic out of the sea! After a busy summer spent enjoying the benefits of our beautiful sea, it is time to give something back to it. How? Fishing! From now on, we urge everyone aboard a boat to break down the barrier of indifference, to “catch” the plastic spotted in the sea and dispose of it. Raise awareness by example! To engage those far away and give as much resonance as possible, we invite you to “capture the fishing moment” with a snapshot or video to share on social media, Instagram or Facebook, accompanied by the hastag #piscamuplastica. Tag us on Instagram (easy.boats) and you will be re-shared and reposted. Unisciti a noi, #piscamuplastica insieme!


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